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CampLungta offers a culinary journey like no other, featuring gourmet dining options crafted by world-class chefs. From intimate fine dining to casual cafes, our menus showcase the finest ingredients.


At CampLungta, dining is an exquisite journey that blends culinary artistry with the finest ingredients. Our selection of dining venues caters to every palate and occasion, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The signature fine dining restaurant offers a sophisticated atmosphere where you can enjoy meticulously crafted dishes by our renowned chefs. For a more relaxed setting, visit our casual café, which serves a variety of delectable options throughout the day.

Our chefs are dedicated to creating innovative menus that highlight local and seasonal ingredients, ensuring each meal is fresh and flavorful. Special dietary needs and preferences are attentively accommodated, allowing every guest to indulge in a personalized dining experience. Whether savoring a romantic dinner, enjoying a family meal, or hosting a special event, CampLungta’s dining options promise to exceed your expectations and leave you with delightful memories.

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