The Windhorse

Camp Name is derived from Lungta ---a mythical Tibetan creature (The Windhorse) symbolizing the Inner Air or Wind of the Body and related aspects of The Buddhist path. Lungta can be described on several levels, like the vivid variations of nature this camp offers:

Camp Lungta Dharmshala

Camp Lungta Dharmshala

Outer Level: a mythical Tibetan creature

On the outer level, the Lungta is a mythical Tibetan creature from pre-Buddhist times that combines speed of wind and the strength of the horse to carry prayers from earth to heaven.

Camp Lungta symbolizes this outer aspect by offering its guests a pollution free rejuvenating atmosphere to relax and unwind.

Inner Level: positive qualities such as ‘good luck’

On inner level, Lungta is associated with positive energy or ‘life force’ and with ‘good luck’. It is both the repressor of evil and the vehicle of enlightenment. The Lungta symbol is often depicted on prayer flags, which are flown to generate merit and increase one's life force.

Camp Lungta symbolizes this inner aspect by offering its guests an opportunity to connect with nature and explore its hidden gems.

Camp Lungta Dharmshala

Camp Lungta Dharmshala

Deeper Level: the space element (one of the five elements)

At deeper level, Lungta symbolize the play of five elements, out of which all phenomena are formed. The lungta symbolizes space, the ground of all manifestation.

Camp Lungta symbolizes this deeper aspect by offering its guests a space of their own to reconnect with themselves.

Most Secret Level: the inner air or wind within the body

In Tibetan Buddhism, the mind is seen as being dependent on, or mounted on, the subtle energy or inner air or wind within the body. This subtle energy is therefore called the ‘windhorse’, in Tibetan lungta.

Camp Lungta symbolizes this secret aspect by offering its guests a life time experience to remember…to cherish …and to talk about.

On an everyday level, the Camp Lungta Windhorse prays ‘good luck’ to its guests as it is what Lungta is commonly known as.

Camp Lungta Dharmshala