About Us.

Introducing Camp Lungta … Who wants to go back

  • The first truly luxury camp in Dharamshala; nestled in the foothill of the snowy Dhauladhars in the beautiful Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Camp Lungta is first of its kind luxury camping destination In Dharamshala for family, friends, adventure seekers, trekkers and simply for laid backs.
  • Camp Lungta is put together by Dhauladhar Shepherds—a company set up by connoisseurs of travel who understands travel not as a profession but more as a passion …for whom journeys are ‘wherever you go, go with all your heart’. Put together-these professionals turned entrepreneurs brings over 60 Years of cumulative experience from different walks of life but all having a common connect —passion for travel, trekking, mountains and ethnic food to make Camp Lungta a pioneer brand in luxury camping in Dhauladhars.
  • Stadium Log InCamp Lungta introduces the discerning traveler to a different Dharamshala and Dhauladhars in a carefully selected exceptional location offering —solitude, mountains, valleys, rivulet, jungle and unexplored countryside.
  • Experience the many moods of exotic Dharamshala with its snowy peaks, dramatic landscapes, beautiful valleys, unexplored treks and rustic surroundings in the enviable setting of Camp Lungta.
  • Rediscover yourself and Dharamshala at Camp Lungta —trek to the slate mines at the base of the Himalayas, walk down the Rivulet Manooni to enjoy a splash in glacier fresh water, watch a game of cricket at International cricket stadium, picnic in nearby picturesque spots, witness Tibetan culture and festival, explore quaint nearby villages, or simply curl up in your ‘tent with a view’ and many more —list is endless.
  • The ultimate luxury camp at Dharamshala —Camp Lungta can also be customized for special occasions for friends and families – a celebration, a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or a get together.
Create memories never to be forgotten —in the picturesque setting of Camp Lungta while enjoying sun, snow and shades of nature in a pollution and chaos free environment.